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· A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care ·18 · England · heart stolen by one honest little bay thoroughbred who's teaching me everything he knows ·


Nereo is seriously one of my favourite horses, like, yum. Those big thoroughbred strides just eat up the ground. Andrew rides him incredibly and they’re always so good to watch.


Hey Mr French WEG director, why u no show us Harry Meade?



Edward Gal and Voice are such a cuties!© Arnd Bronkhorst Photography


More Lusitanos! Who doesn’t love seeing a mare and foal running together in the field?

pencil sketch commissions (just like this!) are OPEN






what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

Why is this not getting around faster



I once knew a guy who had a phobia of jelly so idk what that means



Hey guys, I’m pleased to announce that pencil sketch commissions are OPEN!

Please message me to order a sketch of your horse/pet, priced at £5 (US $8.29). Remember to include links to some references and specify what sort of pose you’d like. Payment is in advance via PayPal. Sketches will be edited and uploaded here on tumblr and once I’m back home I will email you the file if you wish :)
And, of course, everyone who orders will have my eternal love :) xx








Would you look at this glorious weather?!


The Irish and chestnut horses go hand in hand (green, white and orange, looking gooood)
Joe Murphy and Electric Cruise



Oh my lord. I just hope everyone rides smart and comes home safe this is insane.

This is mad! However it’s good to see that a lot of the riders are retiring off their own backs to save their horses. At the same time it’s gutting that so many are having problems - that last water looks horrible. So happy that the Brits are going so well (they’re used to soggy ground, pfft), bit of a shock to see NZ go out though!



Hawley Bennett, Canadian event rider. [X]



Maxime Livio, French event rider.